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Landscape Design

Why hire a landscape designer

Landscape Design

  • A well designed garden can increase the value of the property between 5% – 15%. 
  • It’s easy to speak to the professional for further advice.
  • A landscape designer can work out rough material costs and labour costs according to the area to make sure the project is doable within your budget.
  • You will be getting a custom designed garden no one else has
  • A Landscape designer will avoid costly mistakes and make sure it conforms to the best construction techniques, planning permission and any other regulations according to what you require
  • Allows for easier quotes from the labourers as they are all working from the same blueprint
  • It will give you a clear vision of the garden you are getting
  • The designer can break down the garden in to sections to make it more manageable for maintenance and also to slowly landscape the garden to work within a budget.

About us

With over 7 years of already doing custom design work for our existing landscaped clients Ben has gone on to earn a post graduate degree at the British academy of garden design in London.

As part of any design we will come out to measure up, offer revisions of the design until you are happy, Video consultations and on call support when you are undergoing your project.

Our services offer everything from sketches, concept plans, elevation plans, 3D and AR (augmented reality) walkthroughs and can even offer DIY guides from start to finish if you want to do the work yourself.

We offer these services nationwide although if you are located in Derbyshire, we may be able to offer a price (if you wish) from our own landscape team carrying out the work. Not only does this give you piece of mind that our design team and landscape teams will be working hand in handout also will allow you to compare to any other companies you would like to carry out the work.

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