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A Bit More About Ben

With 9 years of dedicated experience, Ben, a former stately garden gardener, has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of private gardens and residential sites. His journey from grand estates to your very own backyard has equipped him with a deep well of expertise in horticulture and landscaping. Bevan Garden Services’ mission is to bring the refined artistry and meticulous care he honed while tending to stately gardens to your home. Their passion for nurturing natural beauty and creating captivating outdoor spaces now finds its purpose in transforming your personal oasis into a flourishing, picturesque haven.

A Bit More About Bevan Garden Services

At Bevan Garden Services, we offer a comprehensive range of professional services, each designed to cater to the unique needs of your outdoor spaces. Our offerings encompass everything from expert landscaping, where we craft stunning and functional designs that harmonize with your surroundings, to precise lawn mowing that ensures lush, healthy carpets of green. With a keen eye for detail, we provide meticulous strimming and edging to achieve that polished look you desire. Our expertise extends to hedge management, guaranteeing well-maintained hedges that frame your landscapes elegantly. We also take care of the nitty-gritty, offering thorough weeding and pruning services to keep your gardens in pristine condition. For those gardens that may have been neglected over time, our team specializes in breathing new life into these spaces, revitalizing their beauty and potential.

We are committed to enhancing the charm and functionality of your outdoor environments. Whether you have specific visions in mind or seek expert guidance, trust Bevan Garden Services to transform your gardens into flourishing testaments to nature’s beauty.

Quality Garden Landscaping

This business is run by a hard working, very capable young man.
We have had our garden landscaped by Ben – he has been very reliable and competitively priced, he has made an excellent job taking into account our ideas and proposing some really good ideas of his own which we were really pleased with. Would not hesitate to use him again and will recommend him to family and friends